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The AERSV system is entirely new technology that is suitable for all electrical and hybrid vehicles – cars, forklifts, boats etc. Currently close systems KERS – Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems are available only in Formula 1.The AERSV Concepts covers Energy Efficient and Intelligent Energy Storages and Recovery Concepts for the Urgent needs of the Human Transport and Material Handling and Logistics with substantial lowering of the Carbon Dioxide emissions.

The Battery Managements Systems (BMS) is used for controlling battery charge and discharge cycles. New intelligent battery management system is necessary to lengthen battery life, which reduces the vehicle cost over its entire lifetime. The BMS system constantly monitors and controls the functionality and charge of the battery cells. Usually, the storage capacity of the individual battery cells may decrease within aging process. The main challenge is to optimize cell utilization using advanced circuits to test the cells and to provide active balancing of the cells during the charging and discharging process. Thus enable the battery life and range to be effectively lengthened.

The main advantages of the AERSV systems are :

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions

  • Increased Battery Life

  • Increased Vehicle Startup Torque

  • Improved Fuel Consumption

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