4. Supercapacitors  – The future of Alternative Energy Resource

Supercapacitors (ultracapacitors) store and discharge energy very quickly.5_5

Used in thousands of different applications

Supercapacitors complement a primary energy source

Supercapacitors can repeatedly provide quick bursts of power.

4-1 Usage



Accident reports :



  1. Damage Inspection

Having a car accident? We will take care

TAMP Oy’s job is to remove the hassles associated with an accident. Our simplified claims process with your insurer, our quality commitment and the TAMP Oy guarantee all combine to ensure your peace of mind. Anywhere you see our sign, you’ll find the impeccable standard of quality that has made our name. Just ask your insurance company.

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We will make complete damage inspection in professional and efficient manner.

If the client wishes, we will pick up the car for repair and deliver it back repaired.

Cost estimation in advance

We are able to calculate the exact repair cost estimate before the work begins.

We use Win CABAS –  reliable calculation software used by insurance companies, as well as the car experts.

  1. Collusion / Damage repair